Ken I.

San Diego, CA 8/2/2012

I went to the Bow 'N' Arrow Shop to look for a bow for my son.  I told the owner that I didn't know much about archery and he taught me about the sport.  I got a bow for my son and looked for one for myself.  I looked at the newest bow they had, but he encouraged me to get a less expensive one, because I didn't need all the bells and whistles.  That suggestion saved me a lot of money and was much appreciated.  The reason the Bow 'N' Arrow shop is so good, is not because of the great selection of bows and equipment.  It's because of the owner and employees.  They know about archery and hunting, but are more concerned with their customers than they are about selling their merchandise.  Once a person buys a bow, the employees want to see them come back to shoot in the shop and ensure the customer is happy.  Customer service is their #1 priority.  I wish all businesses were like this.

Donovan E.

La Mesa, CA 7/31/2012

The customer service GOES beyond what I expected or needed.    All the employees are great and spend time with their customers.   When I purchase the bow I expected maybe 5 to 10 minutes what I received was about 2-3 hours instruction over time.   IF you want a bow and you're in San Diego this is the place I recommend.

D E.

La Mesa, CA 7/23/2012

I am new to archery and a co-worker referred this store to me.  He said the staff was knowledgeable--my co-worker was right on with this.  Bruce and his staff are highly knowledgeable, and very customer service oriented.  Bruce, Jim, Dave and Nate have all helped my family and me come to love the sport of archery.  This is the place to go if you want a great customer service experience!!  Each time I have come back, I have learned something new.  Bruce and his staff are interested in ensuring your bow is right for you and will work one on one with you, getting your equipment just right.  Thanks Bruce!! You and your staff are the best.

Wally B.

San Diego, CA 2/7/2012

Amazing people who don't have the mentality of time is money. You can go there for advice that will be very helpful or just stick around and shoot the bull. The work they do on bows is awesome. The price is reasonable for the service you get. Thank you for being around. You are what a local business is and should be.

A U.

Del Mar, CA 1/8/2012

This shop inspired me to register with Yelp and write my first review - absolutely fantastic customer service.  I took my wife, a newcomer to shooting a compound bow, and they spent a surprising amount of time fitting her with a bow and teaching the fundamentals of shooting, even without having purchased anything.  Several weeks later I ordered a bow from them as her Christmas present and she returned to have the bow set up.  Once again, they cheerfully and helpfully spent an hour adjusting her bow and assisting her with her form on their small indoor range.  Both of the main employees seemed genuinely interested in getting the equipment and form correct.  Bruce (owner) was sensitive to our budget, and only gave me a mild, good-natured ribbing for ordering a pink bow.  Yes the shop is small, but the inventory is good and they can/will special order just about anything.  I wouldn't hesitate to return to them, and given the other clientele who were there during our visits, I expect experienced bow hunters would be just as pleased by the service.

Darrell M.



Bruce and his staff are very knowledgeable, and customer service is a very high priority. My family all has bows from here and refer all of our friends. He also is a great help with my 7 year old daughters bow as she continues to progress.

Johnny B.

Imperial Beach, CA


Local folks doing what they love. I like this place a family atmosphere and the staff is very knowledgeable. Great products and prices. I actually frequent this store at least 2 times a month. Very Highly Recommend for all bow shooters out there. It simply doesn’t get any better than this!!!

Albert H.

San Diego, CA


I just have 3 words for this shop... A-MA-ZING